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       AOWD-Advanced Open Water Diver

The next step after OWD is an Advanced Course which can be participated straight after the OWD course. The course consists of five dives and continues depending from time possibilities of the participants. The teaching structure on Advanced Level is based on making five dives including navigation dive, night dive and deep dive. The last two can be choosed from:
researching and discovering items from the bottom
diving in current
wreck diving
perfect buoyancy
underwater photography
Things required for AOWD Course :
15 years of age ( people between 12 and 15 may finish Junior Advance course which is a normal course but the minimum depth is lower down to 21 metres only. After 15 years of age you can exchange it for Advance level.
OWD PADI or equal level from other organisation
Five dives on open waters
The dives are explained with details and without theory lectures. Learning of the theory is based on the book.
After you will finish this course you can dive with a partner down to 30 metres and you are permitted to participate all of the specialised PADI courses and also in Rescue Diver Course.

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