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Bubblemaker is a course for the children above 8 years of age. Those activities are for fun. This course allows to introduce with a scubadiving in a very safe conditions – under instructor’s supervision in the shallow water where the max. depth is 2 metres .
When children will be swimming in the diving equipment on the swimming pool, they will be learning the ways of using the equipment.
As a reward for a finished course, colourful emblems, stickers, towels, toys and certificates will be given to the children.

The course programme includes :
ways of selecting and using the mask and fins
ways of using a jacket and breathing automat
ways of using manometer
ways of breathing under the water
ways of equalising the pressure in the ears
ways of cleaning the mask when the water will get inside
ways of getting rid of water from breathing automat
ways of fitting a diving equipment
ways of controlling the pressure level in the tank

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