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OWD -Open Water Diver PADI-beginners course

Open Water Diver PADI course is the most popular and the best course on the world for the beginners. The course programme allows to gain basic diving skills, and after finishing this course you will get an OWD PADI Certificate which is recognized all over the world. With this certificate you will be permitted to dive to the max. depth of 18m. This course will allow you to get used with a diving equipment and with the ways of operating it. The aim of this course is not only to learn the art of diving but also to enjoy this course which helps to get proper knowledge easier.
Minimum age : 8 years of age – Bubblemaker course
   10 years of age – Junior OWD Course
   15 years of age – Basic OWD Course
During this course you will have to swim 200 metres without the fins or 300 metres with the fins. There will be five theory sessions and five sessions on the swimming pool. There will be four open water dives. After you will get your OWD Certificate, you can dive in any PADI diving centre on the world.

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